Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brett Favre Saga is all the blogging buzz

I took last week off from blogging (and work) because my wonderful husband made it back from Iraq in one piece and I needed to spend some quality time with him. If any one watches the news he was part of the 2-147 Assault Helicopter Battalion out of St Paul. I am pretty proud of him and all of the troops. They served our country well.

My hubby may be my biggest love, but I loved the Vikings first and that’s why they get this blog (and a good chunk of my time) so enough personal stuff – let’s talk Brett.

I see my Brett Favre article created a bit of a stir in the blogger world (it seems Brett is creating a stir every where these days) and I just wanted to THANK everyone for all their comments. I am going to “promote” jesse a’s comment to the front here because he feels how I feel:

“I don't think I could, in good conscience, root for Favre as a Viking. I've
spent, basically, his whole career rooting for him to suck and hating every bit
of success. Regardless of how players move around these days, he hasn't and is
the Green Bay Packers. And while I understand that he's a better QB than
Tarvaris, he's still the enemy and has come across as a major d-bag during all
of this.

I think I'd rather the Vikings take their chances with TJ
and maybe miss the playoffs than watch them win a Super Bowl with Favre. I hate
the player that much.”

Well said, jesse, well said. I will be back next Thursday to talk about that Vikings Seahawks game. I will be at the Metrodome with my man sitting in section 101! Look for the girl in pink and the husband with a National Guard baseball hat.

Go Vikes!