Thursday, August 30, 2012

"We're Vikings, NOT Barbarians"

Remember a last week I had a blog post about fans going crazy at the Vikings first pre-season game? If you missed it, check it out here!

Anyways, I went to the game last Friday (got to sit in the Legends club with a buffet that INCLUDED an ice cream buffet, it's fine), and saw an article in the programs that basically said this: we are Vikings, not Barbarians. Then went on to list some examples of things Vikings fans should not do, which clearly said throwing items of any kind.

But, people behaved themselves, and it was a fun game!

Keep checking this blog for all your fun Vikings news!

Vikings Season in Review

The Minnesota Vikings 2011 season had many many moments to remember. From Percy Harvin's game-opening kickoff return touchdown during week 1 (literally) to the NFL single-season sack record that Jared Allen was perusing all the way through Week 17, how could we forget any of that? And when Christian Ponder got his first win on the road during week 8. And how Adrian Peterson just kept breaking more and more and more records.

Let's make it another memorable season, Vikes!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vikings Fans Gone Crazy

Last Friday was the first preseason Vikings game, and let's just say things got a little crazy! With seats so cheap, lots of interesting characters attended the game and got a little rowdy.

During the wave, fans threw their ripped up programs in the air, creating a confetti, that was super dangerous if slipped on, not to mention awful to clean up.

Check out this video of Vikings fans throwing programs during the wave!

Vikings Tailgating Info

Hey Vikings fans! 

We are off to a great Vikings season with their preseason 17-7 win against the New York Buffalo Bills this past Friday night. Check out this awesome article for the do's and don't of tailgating before Vikings games, directions to the parking lot, and other great information.

Apparently, the Vikes aren't going to play Adrian Peterson in any of the pre-season games, and instead let him rest up for the regular season games. Smart idea.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vikings Player Adrian Peterson is Back!

On Monday, we got news that Vikings coach Leslie Frazier took Adrian Peterson off of the physically-unable-to-preform list on Sunday.

Here are Peterson's comments on his quick recovery and return to radio station KFAN in Minneapolis:

"People are different. People heal differently, people bounce back and recover differently from different injuries. And it's just one of those cases where I've just been working hard, been blessed and God's been covering me. And I just came back quicker than normal. So it's hard for people to kind of fathom that and believe that, but it is what it is. So I don't worry about that -- I just keep my mind stuck on my vision and my goals, and everything else will work itself out."

Now, let's see if he's going to play tomorrow, or if we're gonna have to wait to see this superstar in a game.

Take it easy, Adrian!

Friday: Vikings Preseason Begins

Hello dear readers!

Doesn't it seem a bit odd that football, the typical sport associated with fall, is starting tomorrow? As excited I am for the game and to see how the whole Adrian Peterson debacle plays out, the time of this game kinda makes me wanna barf. 

Why? Because it just shows me how much closer we are to school. Bleh. 

Still don't have your tickets? Here is where I got mine! Super cheap! 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier

Here's what coach Leslie Frazier said when he was asked if he enjoys a training camp that is free of drama and controversy:

"Yes, I sleep a whole lot better at night, no question about it." 

This is SO surprising. Way to play nice, Vikes.

Vikings Scuffle!

After 11 days of practicing, not too much team drama has occurred for your Minnesota Vikings.

However, your very own star receiver, Percy Harvin and newbie Harrison Smith (who has the reputation of not taking crap from anyone), got into some kind of shoving "episode" during an 11 v 11 team drill yesterday. Oh no! Not already, Vikes.

It all started when Harvin caught a pass and turned into a bunch of defenders. Smith became the third man to reach in and tug on the football and Harvin, of course, lost his temper and the two began to push and shove.

But, no hard feelings. "It's football. That stuff happens sometimes when you play football" said Smith about the scuffle.

Okay boys, play nice now.


Vikings Training Camp Notes on Adrian Peterson

Here the Minnesota Vikings are in Mankato, MN, training their butts off before pre-season games. The Vikings will be going to San Francisco on Thursday, but favorite player Adrian Peterson will be staying behind, hoping that if he stays a few extra days (3 to be exact), he will convince his team that his left knee, which has been through a surgery to repair his anterior cruciate ligament, can withstand ANYTHING. He said, "I'm definitely getting better". Okay big boy.

Peterson keeps pushing coach Leslie Frazier to take him off the physically-unable-to-preform list (PUP: cute).

Let's see if he's ready for a preseason game!