Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lang Accepts Robison Apology for Groin Shot

For all you who watched the Green Bay Packers / Vikings game on Sunday and witnessed our own Robison try to maim Lang, here are some tweet updates from pair.

Brian Robison: My apologies to @tjlang70, my team, my fans and the @nfl. I am not a dirty player and did not maliciously aim for the groin, just happened to be where it landed.

TJ Lang: Glad to report my genitalia are in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery!

TJ Lang: All joking aside I think @ Brian Robison is a heck of a player.. just caught up in the emotion of the game.. apology accepted.

Robison is expected to be fined an amount more than $10,000 and could even face a suspension.


Bernard Berrian Placed on Waivers

The Vikings have cut ties with WR Bernard Berrian, placing him on the waiver wire.

There was a time when I thought Berrian would bring back the 'Moss' to Minnesota, which became slightly confusing when Moss actually did come back, but that is beside the point. I thought Berrian had it all.

The move with Berrian is coming after the trading deadline, which means any team that picks him up will be hit with the remaining $1.1 million on his base salary. If Berrian clears waivers, he would be free to sign with any team.

What happened?

The thing is no one outside the Vikings organization knows or just refuses to say. This move has been brewing for at least a few weeks after he was inactive for two of the last three games (including the border battle with Wisconsin this past Sunday).

Berrian met with Leslie Frazier yesterday and it was expected that he would meet with Frazier again today to decide his future. Berrian said he wanted to remain with the team, citing his willingness to cut $2 million of his scheduled $2.9 million for 2011.

Berrian's stats have gone downhill after a productive 2008 season where he has a 48-catch, 964-yard, seven-touchdown season. Last year he only had 247 yards, despite being active for 14 games. In Week 6 Berrian seemed to get back on track against his former team, the Chicago Bears, as he had a 54-yard performance.

Then, on Sunday Berrian found out he would be inactive against the Packers after something (?) happened with him and the coaching staff over the weekend.

Well... you know what I know. #disappointment.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Donovan McNabb Loves Women in Lingerie

From this point on, no one can say McNabb isn't putting in his time studying plays, routes, offenses and defenses. He is. It just so happens that he is paying more attention to the players than the plays.

McNabb was spotted at a recent LFL game between the Minnesota Valkyrie and Los Angeles Temptation at the Target Center. Was this time better spent in preparation for the Bears last Sunday? I'll let you formulate your own opinion.

I wonder what Christian Ponder would say. WWCPD?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christian Ponder to Start

This season has been awful. 1-5 and so far out of playoff contention I don't even remember what the playoffs look like.

Since 1977, the year the Minnesota Vikings drafted Tommy Kramer, the Vikes have only used two first-round picks on a quarterback (Daunte Culpepper and Christian Ponder). Instead, our standard protocol has been to go with the guy with experience; the re-tread quarterback.

Wade Wilson... Rich Gannon... Jim McMahon... Warren Moon... Brad Johnson... Randall Cunningham... Jeff George... Brad Johnson (2.0)... Gus Ferotte... Brett Favre. And now? Donovan McNabb.

During those years, roughly 35, the Vikings haven't made one Super Bowl appearance.

With Brett finally out of the picture, it seemed as though the Vikings were going to use Christian Ponder (a first-round pick) to break the streak of the re-tread quarterback. Not so fast fans... We couldn't pass up Donovan McNabb.

What... a great idea. McNabb has looked washed up, uninspired, slow and just terrible on third downs and important situations (for example, the whole game).


Come on, it's a confidence thing. Let the guy have at it, build some confidence as well as allowing him some necessary experience. Good luck, Ponder!

Let the Pondera begin.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New LA Stadium Possible Vikings Home

A little teaser: Sure it is ugly, but it is 600 acres.

Here is that 'new stadium' talk again, this time the stadium in the limelight is located in sunny Los Angeles.

I read on the Pioneer Press website this morning that a proposal in LA was just made more attractive. Ed Roski, whose bid for a stadium has been in the mix for months, among a rival proposal next to Staples Center, has bettered his offer by dropping his demand for a no-cash minority share. He is now offering to hand over the 600 acres to any team that relocates there. According to the Pioneer Press, the team would then finance the stadium Roski has proposed and sell him a share of the franchise at market rate.

All I want to know is what is Roski's worth? Of course Google knows: $2.3-2.5 billion.

I'm a Minnesotan at heart, which essentially means I am genetically predisposed to hate everywhere that is sunny all 12 months of the year. Sure, I like a nice hot vacation, but living in LA? You're kidding. However, I may be a rare breed. When it comes to Wilf, I'm guessing he would rather wear a speedo than a snow suit, though I can't really picture him in either. And the idea of him in a snow suit is disturbing...

Now, it is no secret the Vikings are the worst in the division this year and have weeks to go before they can even be at .500, so should fans even want to help pay for a Minnesota-based new stadium? Depends on your fandom. I do know it would be easier to convince tax payers if you weren't one of the worst second-half teams in the game.

Marinate on that.

Chicago Bears are a Perfect Match for the Minnesota Vikings

Though it is disappointing to say because we could have such a better record, it is possible for the Vikings to be sitting at .500 in time for their bye week.

With the Chicago Bears huge loss against the Kitty Cats turn Saber Tooth Tigers of Detroit, the Vikings have a chance to play on the Bears weaknesses. The Bears have actually struggled more than the Vikings overall this season, to the surprise of many Vikings fans who are seeing pure red.

The Bears definitely weren't known for their offense before they acquired Jay Cutler and after his questionable disappearance in the playoff game last year, the Bears are back to throwing the heat on Cutler. He has a good arm, there is no question there, I just think he has lost some fan support.

Bottom line, the Bears offensive line looks like a tasty dinner for the Vikings defense. It is in shambles, Cutler being sacked 18 times. The Vikings are tied for second in the league with 16 sacks. Wo mama.

In summary, the Vikings strengths right now (not including our ability to outscore every opponent in the first half) are running the ball on offense and pressuring the passer on defense strategically align with the Bears weaknesses.

Let's see what we can bring to the field against the Bears.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vikings Cardinals Preview

The Minnesota Vikings are hosting Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday. Donovan McNabb and Kolb have a history: McNabb was traded from Philadelphia to make way for Kolb. Now both quarterbacks are with different teams are have been struggling this year.

The two will meet on Sunday.

The pressure is on for both teams right now. Kolb is probably feeling the pressure a bit more after signing a five-year, $63 million contract with the Cardinals (1-3).

Leslie Frazier has maintained the McNabb will remain the starter even though the veteran is ranked 18th-best in QB rating at 80.9 with only four touchdowns. Minnesota ranks 31st in the league in passing offense. Fans at every game I've been at have started a 'we want Ponder' cheer at one point or another; fans want to see Ponder.

Minnesota heads into Sunday trying to avoid matching the franchise's worst start set in 1962.

The cardinals fell to 0-6 all-time at the Metrodome after blowing a 14-point, fourth-quarter lead in last year's 27-24 overtime loss.