Thursday, September 29, 2011

Minnesota Vikings Make No Progress on New Stadium

Here are some things that haven't changed regarding the potentially-new Minnesota Vikings stadium:

-The Vikings still want it.

-A new stadium still costs at least a billion dollars.

-People still don't want to pay for it.

-The current Vikings lease runs out at the end of the current season.

Here are some updates on the potentially-new Minnesota Vikings stadium:

-The new tax proposes a .5% sales tax hike

-The new tax proposal was shot down, throwing a wrench in the Vikings' dreams.

-Several citizens are disgruntled at the idea of just Ramsey County paying for the whole portion, because they assert the Vikings call the whole state 'home'.-According to the Washington Post, a resident of St. Paul, Bob Thayer, was quoted, "Ramsey County is having trouble filling potholes and keeping their libraries open. The people who have the smallest chance of attending a Vikings game are going to give the biggest percent of their income to pay this tax."

Soooo... basically we've gotten no where in the new developments. Stay tuned for more not-news.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's spend hundreds of millions to build a new stadium to house criminals.

"(CNN) -- Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was arrested and charged with domestic assault Friday night, the Hennepin County, Minnesota, sheriff's office said."

I say, if the Vikings want to stay here, let's build a prison instead of a stadium.

Goodbye, farewell.