Friday, March 11, 2011

Should Joe Webb be the Starting Quarterback Next Year?

Joe Webb of MinnesotaThe Minnesota Vikings understand that they need to improve the quarterback play for next season. Tavaris Jackson is not coming back, finally. Brett Favre retired, we think. Does Joe Webb have what it takes to become the full-time starter? That's the debate. He showed flashes of brilliance as well as flashes of concern. The Minnesota Vikings own the 12th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Will they use that pick on a quarterback? Or do they believe Joe Webb is the guy? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

As everyone clearly seen Joe Webs impressive performance against the Philadelphia Eagles was truly amazing. Mr. Web should be given a chance at QB, and we should use our draft pick for a good defensive player, for we are in desperate need for some good defense, because our defense was an embarrasment last year. Joe Web showed a throwing ability and when in doubt he was able to scramble with success. In fact Web beat Michle Vick in his own game as far as scrambling goes in their match against each other.