Friday, February 25, 2011

Should the Minnesota Vikings Go For Kevin Kolb?

Kevin KolbMinnesota Vikings fans know the biggest concern for the team: the quarterback. In this league, you simply do not win championships or go very far without a quarterback. It's how the league operates. Having a quarterback is just about paramount to achieving success. With that being said, we know who the possible draft options are at the position. We don't know which ones will be available. Should the Minnesota Vikings pursue Kevin Kolb, the back up for Michael Vick in Philadelphia? He has shown his flashes of brilliance and kind of reminds me of a Matt Schaub, both in playing and his situation. Schaub was the backup behind Vick in Atlanta before getting traded to the Houston Texans. So Minnesota Vikings fans, I ask, should we go for Kevin Kolb? Even if it's worth the #12 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft?


Anonymous said...

I'd rather draft than rely on Kolb

Anonymous said...

Newton all day