Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Everson Griffen In Trouble

Everson Griffen
If Everson Griffen is in the news, during the offseason, chances are it's not good. And this story happens to be just that, bad news about Everson Griffen. Maybe your a Vikings fan and you don't know Griffen - he was drafted in the 4th round of the NFL Draft by the Vikings, not by position need but because of his talent. He played at USC under Pete Carroll. With that being said, Griffen was arrested this week in Los Angeles. The report from the Daily Trojan:

"Police officers were performing a traffic stop at the intersection of 30th and Hoover Streets when they pulled Griffen over. He did not have an I.D. on him and became aggressive when questioned by officers, according to an LAPD spokesperson. Griffen attempted to run away and then assaulted one of the officers who was pursuing him. The officers tased Griffen, then arrested him on a charge of felony battery. "

Apparently, it was reported earlier today he may not face felony but just a misdemeanor. Either way, it isn't positive news from a player that we may need at that spot if Ray Edwards leaves for free agency.

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