Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Even if the Minnesota Vikings aren't going to the SuperBowl I'm still excited

In every sport there seems to be the "Big Show". In baseball it is the world series, in basketball it is the NBA finals. Without a doubt however, the most widely known "Big Show" for sports is the Super Bowl... the NFL Championship Game could be the most widely watched sporting event in the country where the next day more than half of the people who watched the game can't even tell you who played...

For most of us Vikings fans out here, freezing in the resurgence of Minnesota Winter we have received, we were really looking forward to saying that the Vikings were one of the teams.... alas with the horrible loss that we no longer are speaking of, the Minnesota Vikings Season is over and with that we are left cheering for either the Indianapolis Colts or the New Orleans Saints, I'm torn.. I have ties to Indiana and would like to see Peyton with another championship, but the Saints are the Cinderella story of professional football that you just can't help but love. It will be a hard decision to make in two weeks, perhaps I will have to get a New Orleans Saints Jersey and a Colts Jersey and wear one a half?

If you are the eternal Vikings Optimist that I am, I am pleased to report that I heard through the grapevine that an announcement about 2010 Minnesota Vikings Tickets may be coming soon. In the mean time, I suggest as I am doing, drying your tears and attempting to figue out who to cheer for in the Super Bowl. Stay upadted for my decision.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Minnesota Vikings suffer heartbreaking loss and miss the NFC Championship by just a few points

The tears are still wet and the emotion is still pretty raw for most Minnesota Vikings Fans who could all but taste the SuperBowl last night. The Minnesota Vikings took on the New Orleans Saints last night for the NFC Championship Title, the game ended in heartbreak for Vikings Fans.

After a sudden death overtime the final Vikings Saints Score was 31-28 Saints. The theme of last night's game ended up being butter-fingers. Adrian Peterson just couldn't hold onto the ball and the Vikings Offensive Line let the Saints slip past them almost every play... with Brett Farve getting as roughed up as he did it is really no surprise that we didn't win.

What is frustrating however is the fact that almost ALL of the Minnesota Vikings Mistakes last night in the NFC Championship game could have been avoided. The pass that Farve made at the end was a rookie error, he knew he couldn't see the spread well enough to throw that ball, the first and second passes that Adrian Peterson dropped could have been prevented with better receiving posture and don't even get me started on Brad Childress...

For the first time in years the Minnesota Vikings had a real shot at the SuperBowl, but last night crushed those dreams. In good faith I can't even call this a Minnesota Vikings Highlight reel, instead I will call it a video of what could have been for the Minnesota Vikings

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NFC Championship Preview: Minnesota Vikings travel South to play the New Orleans Saint

The Minnestoa Vikings are spending this week preparing for the biggest game of their season. A game that takes them from a great team to Super Bowl Contenders... the NFC Championship Game. After a blow-out win against the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday (Check out the previous post for game video). The Minnesota Vikings roster has been prepping for a game at the Louisiana Superdome. Sunday's Vikings Saints game will kick off at 5:30.

With both teams coming off of great season it is hard to say who the favorite is. Most writers are split, though the home field advantage is going to be huge. Yet even with the game in New Orleans, Minnesota Vikings Tickets are selling well, and it seems like there will be a good standing of Vikings Fans in the Superdome on Sunday. If the Minnesota Vikings Defense can stand up to the New Orleans Saints there is a good chance that you will be seeing the Minnesota Vikings in the 2010 Super Bowl...

Check out Game Tape and NFC Championship Predictions

Monday, January 18, 2010

Vikings Playoff Game Wrap Up: Vikings Beat Dallas Cowboys to head to NFC Championship

Skol Vikings, Let's Win this Game!

Oh wait, we did! Thats right Sport's Fans, the Minnesota Vikings clobbered the Dallas Cowboys and are heading to the NFC Championship Game! Vikings Mania was at an all time high yesterday as the Minnesota Vikings took on the Dallas Cowboys in a round one NFL Playoff Game. Favored to win, the Minnesota Vikings never seemed to take for granted their opponent and the whole game was an edge-of-your-seat kind of affair.

The final score was Vikings 34-3. A first quarter pass from Brett Favre to Rice in the first quarter led to the first Minnesota Vikings Touchdown and really set the pace for the game, a touchdown and a field goal in the 2nd quarter closed out the first half and two touchdowns and a field goal in the 4th quarter rounded out the game. All of the Minnesota Vikings players played hard and deserved the win, though the attention was clearly focused on Brett Farve who has really become the Cinderella Story this season.

Check out this video for game highlights

Monday, January 11, 2010

Vikings Playoff Game Annocement Made: Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys Jan 17th

Vikings players taking down a Cowboys player
The Minnesota Vikings are gearing up for the first round playoff game this Sunday. The Vikings will take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Jan 17th at noon in the Metrodome.

Most football critics had predicted that the Cowboys-Vikings would meet each other in the post season. Round Two Playoff Predictions are a little less sure. If the Minnesota Vikings beat the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs then, they will face either the New Orleans Saints of the Arizona Cardinals. If they play the Cardinals than the NFC Championship will be in Minnesota at the Metrodome. If the Saints win then the Vikings Saints NFC Championship Game will be in New Orleans.

I'm personally hoping the my boys beat the Cowboys on Sunday and the Cardinals win so that the NFC Championship Game is here... the Minnesota Vikings play better at home and seem to be more in control of their defense at the Dome. Maybe its in my head, or maybe its all in their heads... but the Minnesota Vikings seem to be enjoying Metrodome Magic.

SKOL Vikings!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Playoff Date Announced, Vikings await opponent confirmation

For all of those Minnesota Vikings haters out there who said that we wouldn't make it and we wasted our time on Brett Farve... I would like to say one thing... but I won't say it because I'm more mature than that. Please feel free to use your imaginations however though....

Moving on, for those of you like me who could not be more THRILLED that the Minnesota Vikings made the playoffs, mark your calenders right now. The Minnesota Vikings Playoff Game will be January 17th at noon. As of now the opponent is not set but most football critics and analysts are saying that it will likely be the Dallas Cowboys. IF the Cowboys lose, than my boys will take on either the Green Bay Packers or the the Arizona Cardinals.

My hope is that for the first NFL Playoff Game, the Minnesota Vikings take on the Dallas Cowboys and beat them, the Packers beat the Cardinals and then go on to play the New Orleans Saints and beat them so that the MN Vikings can take on the GB Packers for the NFC Championship... greatest game ever!

For now, just stay tuned in for Minnesota Vikings Playoff Updates and the latest on Vikings Playoff Games. Sideline note: if you are planning (or wishing in my case) to go to the Minnesota Vikings Playoff Game, I suggest that you buy your Minnesota Vikings Tickets before the opponent is announced, Packers and Cowboys fans are known for the eagerness to travel and if we face either team there will be a mad race for tickets as soon as the announcement is made!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Trample New York Giants to end the Vikings Regular Season on a great note

The Minnesota Vikings had a hell of an ending to the regular season. Last Sunday, the Vikings took on the New York Giants at the Metrodome. For anyone there or anyone who watched highlights on TV, it was clear... the Minnesota Vikings were hell-bent on winning and the Giants just didn't care. This killer combination is what lead to a 44-7 score.

Call it a fluke, call it vengeance for the 2000 game where the Giants just spanked us up and down the field ending the game with a HUGE NY Giants win, or call it pure and simple Minnesota Vikings Talent... the Giants Vikings game was great. The Minnesota Vikings Roster was on fire, the Giants should have let their cheerleaders play and all was good in the Minnesota Football World.

Check out the video below for game highlights...