Monday, December 20, 2010

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears at TCF Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears are playing primetime for Monday Night Football. The two teams will battle at TCF Bank Stadium in Dinkytown, home of the Minnesota Gopher football team. I am looking forward to this game in every capacity. I mean, honestly, how cool is this matchup?

TCF Bank Stadium
There hasn't been an outdoor home game for the Minnesota Vikings since December 20, 1981. Rookie quarterback Joe Webb is making his first career start. Joe Webb has unlimited potential and Minnesota Vikings fans will get to see firsthand tonight if Webb can make some noise. Also, the Minnesota Vikings are honoring the Top 50 Minnesota Vikings of all-time.

So experts are saying it might be a little cold. Throw on some expected snow (possibly 4 to 5 inches) and this is a historic game for Minnesota Vikings fans. Outdoor football, Joe Webb's first start, playing with the elements, Monday Night Football, against the Chicago Bears, what is there not to like? Get your Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears tickets with Ticket King!

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