Monday, October 11, 2010

MNF: New York Jets vs. Minnesota Vikings

New York Jets Head Coach Rex RyanThe time has come. #84 has returned to deliver the Minnesota Vikings their first Super Bowl Championship. Randy Moss is making his Viking debut tonight against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football in the Meadowlands. It is the 2nd time in 3 weeks he is playing against the New York Jets. Another storyline involves Brett Favre playing against his old team. It seems like longer than just 2 years ago he was playing with the Jets but here he is squaring off against one of his former teams. The New York Jets were the team selected for HBO's "Hard Knocks" and have plenty of fanfare this season.


steph said...

who played the first half? because it sure wasnt the vikings.

jon said...

not a great day for brett, but the reception to moss in the end zone did help.