Thursday, July 22, 2010

Head Coach Brad Childress visits Brett Favre

Head Coach Brad Childress with Brett Favre last seasonMinnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress visited Hattiesburg, Mississippi earlier this week to meet with quarterback Brett Favre. Although it's been reported that there wasn't a deadline discussed, it has to be assumed that they talked about Brett Favre's return. Favre still is sticking with the story that he's unsure about what he will do. Most Viking fans believe Brett Favre holds out just so he doesn't have to attend training camp, like last season. Hopefully he can make an announcement earlier this year, but if not Minnesota Vikings fans are ready for him after training camp again.


Anonymous said...

I bet Chilli just went down there to give Brett the new playbook

Anonymous said...

i'm sure they both know but just won't say anything