Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brett Favre Throwing to High Schoolers in Mississippi

Quarterback Brett Favre
Stop the press. It is reported that quarterback Brett Favre began throwing to high schoolers in Mississippi last week. Okay, so it isn't earth shattering. But again, it is good news for Minnesota Vikings fans. After last season's NFC Championship loss to the New Orleans Saints, the future for Brett Favre was up in the air. Although still under contract for the Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre took a lot of hits in the game and of course would be another year older this season. After having offseason ankle surgery, telling the Southern Mississippi baseball team he would return if they made it to the College World Series, and telling reporters he'd love to beat the Saints, this is another indication he should be back. He has started stopping by Oak Grove High School football practices to throw to the receivers. Those receivers must be thrilled to have an icon like Brett Favre visiting their practices.

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Anonymous said...

Favre's gotta be coming back after all these signs. i think he plays one more year and then calls it quits