Monday, June 14, 2010

Tarvaris Jackson saying what we want to hear

Is Tarvaris Jackson just a talking head saying what we want to hear when he says he has improved more the last year than any of his previous years?

"I feel like I've grown the most this year over the first couple years," Tarvaris Jackson said Sunday after the conclusion of Vikings minicamp.

If Brett Favre returns, as I hope he does, Vikings fans may never get to see if TJack is telling the truth and frankly that is fine with me. I feel like we have given him more than enough chances and I would rather not find out if he has improved or not. Or more accurately, if he has improved to the level of performing consistently as opposed to playing well and then playing terribly. I dread the playing terribly moments.

There is no doubt that Jackson is a great athlete, but I do doubt he has the ability to be a great NFL quarterback. It is more than muscle and brawn, its foresight, planning and staying cool under pressure.

"I think my concentration level is a lot higher, my focus is a lot higher. Throws I was supposed to make, I make them." - Tarvaris Jackson

First training camp practice in Mankato is July 30. Perhaps Jackson could sway me then, but there is no doubt I am on TEAM FAVRE.

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Anonymous said...

Well we better hope that Tjack has improved because even if Brett plays one more year .. It looks like Tjack is our QB in 2011..