Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adrian Peterson Misses Three Day Mini-Camp

Running Back Adrian Peterson running in a offseason drill
Running back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings missed a three day mandatory mini-camp in early June causing a little bit of a stir around Vikings land. Peterson missed the camp to attend "Adrian Peterson Day" in Palestine, Texas. Head coach Brad Childress was less than thrilled with Adrian Peterson missing. When asked about the event, Childress stated "I just know there's a bunch of guys here. This has a term "mandatory" for a reason. The work is here. Period."

The response Childress gave initiated questions about drama between Childress and Peterson through the media. When all is said and done, I think Adrian Peterson just wanted to give back to the community and honor his day. Will the day change next year to avoid conflict? Perhaps. Some people have connected Adrian Peterson's absence from the mini-camp with Brett Favre's ability to miss mini-camps and training camp. I don't see the correlation as Favre has played in the league for 20 years, I think it is justifiable for him missing offseason events. I believe this will all blow over Peterson will be back and perform at the level were used to seeing him play.


Anonymous said...

I think Childress just didn't want to look showed up by AP. AP's shown his loyalty to this team

Anonymous said...

I agree Adrian Peterson is a hard working loyal player. As a die hard Vikings fan, rude comments from Childress about some of our most loved players makes me dislike him (Childress) even more.