Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brett Favre confirms: I'm having surgery... Vikings Franchise sees it as a good sign that Favre will return

Brett Favre last season on the field at an away Vikings Game spinning the ball Things may be looking good for the Minnesota Vikings and their 2 year courtship with Brett Favre. After spending quite some time last summer encouraging the now 40 year old quarterback to return to the game and join the Minnesota Vikings Roster, there was big concerns that the work would have been wasted. During the NFC Championship Game, Favre hurt his ankle and was helped off the field. Despite coming back to finish the game, the ankle injury was serious and required surgery if the football legend was going to come back to play.

Less than a week ago, Brett Favre announced on his personal website that he did indeed have the arthroscopic left ankle surgery. Although no mention was made of his future on the Vikings Roster, the Minnesota Vikings Franchise seems to believe there is good hope that Vikings Fans will be seeing a return of the purple #4 Vikings Jersey.

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michael gilchrist said...

Favre has put off surgery after surgery in the past, so there is no way he would get this procedure done unless he intended to play this season.