Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little gossip for a Vikings fan

So Jared Allen was out on the town with his girlfriend , and some idiot had the audacity of calling his girlfriend a VERY naughty word that does not need to be repeated. How dumb do you have to be to mess with Jared Allen's girlfriend?! For one: he is HUGE. For two: he has a MULLET. And three: He is a pro football player who could rip you in two pieces in one second. Lesson learned? Don't mess with an NFLer who is ready to fist dance.


Anonymous said...

there's no wrath like a woman scorned. especially when shes dating a 6'6 and 270 lbs vikings football player

B said...

Oh my gosh... really? Jarred Allen's girlfriend was your target? Of anyone off of the Minnesota Vikings Roster to pick on, you decide to pick on the biggest guy... not smart idiot, not smart.

GB Nordic said...

Some people are complete morons. Especially when most offensive tackles do not want to deal with him.It is like a mouse picking a fight with a lion.