Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brett Favre Poll has been blowing up... What does it mean for the Minnesota Vikings Roster

Brett Favre in a Vikings Jersey getting ready to pass
I posted a Brett Favre Poll a few weeks ago, the basic "Will he or Won't he" be back in the Twin Cities to play football on the Minnesota Vikings Roster. First of all, let me just say THANK YOU to everyone who has voted, I never thought I would get so many votes but it definitely makes it fun to keep checking back.

I'm still of the opinion that I would like to see Brett Favre come back and be the Minnesota Vikings Quarterback... Mostly because, love him or hate him, he had a great football career and I would hate for his last game ever to be such a crappy one. But also because he was a great source of appeal for the Minnesota Vikings. Vikings Tickets sold really well when Brett Favre was playing... that is a good thing for our team and my boys!

For the most part (85%) of you think he will be back... So now what I want to ask all of you is do you think Brett Favre will be back out of wishful thinking or have you read something somewhere.. Let me know if you've seen or heard anything!


B said...

I hope he comes back too, if for nothing else beacuse Packers fans hate it!

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