Friday, May 30, 2008

Rick Spielman Quote on New Talent

I like this Rick Spielman quote and I thought I should put it on my blog. Some Vikings fans (and radio broadcasters) already have the 2008 Vikings team going to the Super Bowl, but Spielman reminds us all that the reality will hit when the team hits the turf in August.

"Everybody's excited about seeing them run around in shorts and see what type of athletes they are, how they throw the ball, how they catch the ball," Spielman said. "But [when] they get the pads on and go through two-a-days in August and get a chance to see them line up in preseason, that's when you get a pretty good feel for what you have."

What better reason to buy a Minnesota Vikings ticket for a preseason match-up? It will be your first real chance to see the team in action under the Metrodome lights (ya know, as opposed to Friday Night Lights). I am going to be there Friday August 8th when the Vikings take on the Seattle Seahawks. My tickets were really cheap, like less than $20. It’s a preseason game so my ticket may say row 27, but I bet I will be able to move down and sit closer. I don’t want to miss seeing the new Vikings talent take the field for the first time, even if it is just preseason.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

NFL Rule Change

Last month, the NFL changed it’s force-out rule for 2008 stating that a wide receiver must have two feet in bounds in order for the catch to be ruled complete. I saw Bernard Berrian on the news trying to be all PC about the rule, but you could tell that he was irritated. The quote in the paper from Bernard is this:

"A lot of the rules help offense because they want high-scoring games because the fans love to see points," Berrian said. "So the defense obviously is getting a cheer out of this one. It helps them out a little bit to even it up."

But on the news, he said he will be interested to see how it works out and he was wondering how the NFL will deal with issues like a defenseman carrying a wide receiver over his shoulder out of bounds. Boy that is a picture! I am picturing Brian Urlacher carrying Bernard Berrian over his shoulder spanking him! Urlacher has a good 70 pounds on him – I would buy Vikings tickets to see that for sure!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Turnover should have been expected 5-28 vikes blog

It seems all I am reading about in the local media these days about the Minnesota Vikings is how pathetic the 2005 Vikings draft was. The renewed interest in that particular year came as the Vikings released defensive end Erasmus James (we used our 18th pick in 2005 to get James and Vikings Vixen thought he would be a winner, but he just can’t seem to mesh in with the squad).

But let’s think about this from a business perspective. Vikings owner Zygi Wilf took over in 2005 and just like any other big company acquisition, turnover is to be expected. Rick Spielman, Vikings vice president of football operations, said about 85 percent of the roster has turned over since the end of the Vikings 2005 season.

New owners, just like new CEOS or even just new managers, have their own ideas and want to select their own followers. Vikings Vixen used to have a big shot job at a Fortune 500 company and once I moved into a new manager role with eight acquired employees. Some of those employees worked out and some didn’t, but let me tell you the 4 that I selected myself were 10 times more loyal and worked 10 times harder than the employees I acquired. It’s just natural to want to work hard and please the person that gave you the chance, that hired you. So, I don’t think it is any different when changing owners or even coaches. Turnover (no pun intended) is to be expected and with that turnover comes a slight adjustment period, but then if the leader is any good at recruiting and teaching the end result is a strong and successful team. It starts from the top down.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Erin Henderson Free Agent

I was amazed that Erin Henderson didn’t get picked up in the NFL Draft. He had a great collegiate career at Maryland and he has the make-up of a true NFL player. Erin was expected to be selected early on the second day of the draft but instead slid through all seven rounds. The Minnesota Vikings signed him as a free agent shortly after the draft ended. The coolest part about that free agent signing? Erin’s big brother is Vikings Linebacker E.J. Henderson! Vikings Vixen thinks it would be awesome to see the two Henderson brothers on the field wearing purple together. I think a brotherly combination could be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. I hope Erin has the chance to prove himself in training camp!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ESPN Ranks Minnesota Vikings

ESPN just came out with their NFL power rankings and I have to say they are a bit different than SI’s. First of all, the Vikings are ranked 12th (as opposed to 7th) and ESPN doesn’t even comment on the Jared Allen acquisition. ESPN does say: If they settle on a QB, the Vikes could become a playoff team. RB Adrian Peterson is at the top of the list for MVP candidates.

Duh. I think 12th is reasonable, but I don’t agree with their Green Bay Packers ranking of 10th – the ESPN comment is: This is an unpredictable team in the wake of the retirement of Brett Favre. Who will step up and make the big plays this year?

How can you call a team unpredictable and then rank them in the top ten of the NFL? Looking at the NFC North, I think the Vikings are definitely on top and Vikings Vixen likes it on top.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp

Here are a few key dates for 2008 Vikings training camp courtesy of the Vikings’ web site:

July 23: Players report
July 25: First practice
Aug. 8: Preseason opener @ Dome: Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks Tickets <$10
Aug. 15: Camp breaks

The Minnesota Vikings will once again hold training camp at Minnesota State College in Mankato, Minnesota…where they have held training camp since 1966. Vikings Vixen would love to go some day before she dies.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vikings Ranked in Top 10

Peter King from ranked the Minnesota Vikings 7th for the upcoming season – 7th! I think that is fantastic! Go Vikings Go! You can read his reasoning here . . . here is my favorite part:

“And though I don't love the Jared Allen signing for the long haul (too dangerous), I love it for 2008. Allen's quickness on the turf of the Metrodome ... scary. Maybe 20-sack scary.”

Yeah , baby! Sack ‘em! Round ‘em up Cowboy! I am excited for this Vikings season! We are due for a good year!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vikings do what is right: Pay Udeze Salary for ‘08

The Minnesota Vikings placed Defensive End Kenechi Udeze on the non-football injury list, officially ruling him out for the 2008 Vikings season. Udeze, who announced his leukemia is in remission, can now spend the next year focusing on recovering from the cancer. Under NFL rules, the Vikings are not responsible for paying his 2008 salary because his “injury” is not football related. However, Brad Childress said today that the Vikings team will continue to pay Udeze his $807,500 salary this year.

What he can do is focus on getting well,” Childress said. “He’s done a great job with that so far. He’s been positive. He’s been upbeat. What this does is obviously clear his mind of any financial issues, and the organizaton, particularly [owner Zygi Wilf and his family], have taken care of that.

I am glad to see a wealthy business man do what is right for a change and not just what is right for the pocket book. This is better PR than when the Vikes fined Troy Williamson for going to his grandma’s funeral.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vikings NFL Draft Grades

I was listening to the boys over on KFAN talk about the Vikings Draft success and they ranked it at about a B…I might say a B minus since they didn’t trade up to secure a stronger defensive tackle. When looking around on the Internet at other NFL draft comments regarding the Minnesota Vikings draft picks, this one from SI is my favorite.

Minnesota Vikings: Are you counting DE Jared Allen, the big-league pass rusher
who came from the Chiefs for draft choices? You are? Then I love their draft.
But only if they help him beat the drinking problem. One DUI and it's a bad
mistake. Two and it's a problem. QB John David Booty (fifth round) from USC is
an interesting choice since the position is far from locked up.