Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vikings fall to Kansas City

Really, I don’t even want to talk about last Sunday’s 10-13 loss. Seriously, the Kansas City Chiefs are the second to worst team in the NFL, the Vikings should have won…should have. The Vikings defense did all it could, but the offense has to learn to change things up when the going gets tough. I think everyone in America has heard the saying “You can’t keep doing the same old thing and expect different results”…well everyone except Brad Childress. Chilly, listen to my shout out! If the run isn’t working and it’s the 5th time you are going 3 and out, do something else! Brett and the Green Bay Packers are in town on Sunday. I will be at the Vikings Packers game…please Vikings don’t make me cry in public.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vikings Fall to Lions 20-17

Who wanted to lose worse? The Vikings or the Detroit Lions? Oh yeah, it was the Vikings. But just barely. The Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions took turns blowing chances to win the game, but Detroit’s 37-yard field goal in overtime lifted Detroit to a 20-17 victory. It was the first time in 10 games that the Lions have beat the Vikings, they were so excited you would have thought they won the Super Bowl. Trust me, despite being 2-0 the Lions won’t win the Super Bowl this year, but at least they have the spirit.

The game could have easily gone either way and both defenses really put their nose to the grindstone forcing a combined nine turnovers in regulation. Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson tied a Vikings team record with four interceptions. He completed just 17 of 33 passes for 166 yards without a score –ouch.

Both offenses looked weak and two missed field goal attempts in the final 35 seconds took all the wind out of the sails. Jackson left the game after he threw an incomplete pass on the first snap of overtime. It’s a reported groin injury and the jury is still out on if he will play this Sunday vs. Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.

Vikings Vixen had to hang her head on Monday in the office, let’s hope next week the Vikings won’t look so pathetic. My favorite Chiefs blog?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vikings Win Opener

The Minnesota Vikings managed to sell the necessary Vikings tickets to broadcast the home opener vs. the Atlanta Falcons and it’s a good thing since the Vikings looked fantastic against the dirty birds. The Vikings pulled off a field romping 24-3 season opening win at the Metrodome Minneapolis. The Vikings defense looked tough as ever and scored two touchdowns on their own as well as making six sacks for 30 yards in losses and two interceptions. Both Kevin Williams and Antoine Winfield picked off Falcons quarterback Joey Harrington and scored touchdowns, while middle linebacker E.J. Henderson manned the middle, posting seven tackles and two sacks.

On the offense, the Vikings looked to be in trouble when starting running back Chester Taylor left the game in the first half due to injury. However, rookie running back Adrian Peterson stepped up as he posted 103 rushing yards on 19 carries and tacked on one touchdown reception of 60 yards to complete his impressive first NFL game performance. According to, the win is Minnesota’s 16th home-opening win in the last 21 tries and marks the second straight year Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress opened the season with a victory.

Next up are the Detroit Lions who beat the Oakland Raiders on the road last week. The Lions showed that they are a team that has stamina and the Vikings will definitely be challenged at Ford Field in Detroit. Check back next week to hear what Vikings Vixen thinks about the Vikings Lions match-up! Go Vikes!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vikings need to sell tickets

The Minnesota Vikings still need to sell 3,500 Vikings tickets by noon on Thursday or else the team’s season opener vs. the Atlanta Falcons will face a blackout. A blackout would keep the game off TV screens in the Twin Cities, Rochester, Mankato, Austin, Alexandria and other areas in the region. The number of available tickets is down from 5,800 remaining last week, but there are only two days left to help keep the Vikings on their run of 96 consecutive sellouts at the Metrodome. The last Vikings blackout was in 1997. The NFL requires the Vikings to sell 62,000 tickets to consider the HHH Metrodome a sell-out so Vikings fans buy Vikings tickets now!

Vikings beat Cowboys

The Minnesota Vikings beat the Dallas Cowboys 23-14 in the preseason finale at the Metrodome. The Vikings defense forced five turnovers and kicker Ryan Longwell was three for three on field goal attempts. The Vikings starters saw minimal action, but the back-ups and bubble players played with great enthusiasm and heart. Vikings Vixen was sad to see Dallas starting quarterback Tony Romo and star receiver Terrell Owens sit out – I was looking forward to seeing them make at least a few plays. Minnesota Twins centerfielder Torii Hunter and Twins catcher Joe Mauer were in attendance and the Metrdome loudspeaker announced that attendance was 62,938 although Vikings Vixen finds that hard to believe since you could clearly see many empty blue stadium chairs.

The win will give the Vikings some victory momentum going into the regular season opener on Sunday September 9th vs. the Atlanta Falcons at the Metrodome. Vikings Vixen is ready for the regular season to start - let’s go Vikings!