Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tarvaris Looked Good Under Pressure

The Minnesota Vikings has their third preseason game last Saturday, and thankfully, I got more of an opportunity to check out hot new quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. He had a little hiccup to start the game (he fumbled the first snap), but overall, I was very impressed by his performance. He didn’t throw any touchdowns, but he also didn’t throw for any interceptions. He had some incomplete balls, but the Seattle Seahawks defense was really putting the rush on him. He did a good job at reading blitzes and getting passes out of the pocket quickly. I was encouraged by his performance because what he displayed is what the Vikings will need this year: a cut-down on mistakes and positive yardage wherever they can get it. There are still great Vikings tickets to watch the final preseason game at the Metrodome on Thursday night! Did I mention it’s the Dallas Cowboys who are coming to town? Tony Romo is so yummy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vikings “D” Buries the Jets

The Minnesota Vikings pass rush was all over the New York Jets offensive line last Friday night in New York. I don’t know if it was testament to a poor New York Jets squad, but usually the Vikings don’t go on the road and dominate in the trenches, especially outdoors. But my man Ray Edwards was all over Jets quarterback Chad Pennington in the first half of Friday’s game, causing Pennington to throw two interceptions that the Viking returned for touchdowns. I was wishing for a big play from Darren Sharper early in the season, and he gave me my wish Friday, but too bad he couldn’t have saved it for the season opener against the Atlanta Falcons, but I know Darren can strike with a game-changing play at any time. Vikings tickets are only getting hotter thanks to last Friday’s explosive win! Go Vikes!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back in Action Vikings a Real Treat

People think preseason games aren’t as exciting as the real thing in the regular season, but I had a great time watching last Friday’s first game vs. the St. Louis Rams. My friends and I watched it from a neighborhood bar and cheered my Minnesota Vikings all the way through. Tarvaris Jackson completed almost every pass he threw and Adrian Peterson got a lot of action. It was great to see the future of the Vikings, both in the starting lineups and in the second-half squads. I was just a little disappointed when it came down to the field goal kickers on both teams. Ryan Longwell missed a field goal to go ahead late in the fourth quarter and then the Rams’ kicker hit one to win the game, but just to the see the Vikings in full action was a treat. This Friday the Vikings take on the New York Jets, but the next chance to see the Vikings at the Metrodome will be August 30 against the Dallas Cowboys. There is some time before that game, so get Vikings tickets now to snag the best seats!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Who doesn’t like touchdowns?

This year I don’t have a huge expectation for the Minnesota Vikings to score a lot of points, but I sure hope they are able to convert more of those red-zone possessions to touchdowns. It feels like whenever the Vikings get off to a good start on their first possession and get into the red zone, they end up settling for a field goal inside the ten yard line. Brad Childress knows how to drive an offense down the field, but more often than not the team stalls before they can punch it in. The Vikings have been reportedly working on goal-line situations a lot during training camp, so let’s see if the Vikings can become more effective in close starting this Friday against the St. Louis Rams at the Metrodome. There are still tickets to see the Vikings at the ‘dome for the first time this year! Buy your Vikings tickets for real cheap from - they have seats at less than $5 per ticket and you can pick them up on your way into the Metrodome in Minneapolis! I look forward to writing my first 2007 game recap next week - let's go Vikings!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Darren vs. Tarvaris

So I was looking through some of the Vikings profiles over at, and I can’t decide if the cutest Viking on this year’s team is Darren Sharper or Tarvaris Jackson! Both of these guys play some high profile positions on the team, but I’m thinking the quarterback spot makes Tarvaris a little more studly, but I do own a Sharper jersey. Darren is getting a little older, but it doesn’t make him any less of a playmaker though. Let’s hope he can come up big in the early going of this season by taking an interception back for a score. I’ll be watching Tarvaris closely too! I hope he can take over the reins from Brad Johnson and lead my Vikings team to a playoff season. Watch Darren and Tarvaris up close this year by getting your Vikings tickets today!