Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Chad Greenway Ready?

I think every one know that Vikings Vixen keeps a pretty close eye on Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway. I posted the Chad Greenway question and answer segment a few months back and despite my hard feelings that he got hurt so early, I have a special fondness for this almost local boy. Greenway is ready to start this year after tearing his ACL early last Vikings season where he never even got to make a play.

Is Greenway back in full force for the 2007 Vikings season? Teammate Darren Sharper said Greenway looks great and Greenway himself says he is healthier than ever before, but I hope Coach Brad Childress has enough sense to keep Greenway off of special teams especially during pre-season and only uses him when needed until we are 100% sure he is ready to be bullied by the big boys in the NFL. I thought about putting Greenway on my fantasy football team, but I am not too sure. Fox’s Adam Schein did name Chad Greenway as the breakout star for 2007 – I wonder if Mr. Schein has Greenway on his fantasy team?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Antoine Winfield Change of Heart

Whatever rift existed between ninth-year veteran cornerback Antoine Winfield and the Vikings apparently has been mended. Coach Brad Childress announced today that Winfield would be at Winter Park on Monday for the final two days of organized team activities. Winfield hasn’t shown his face in off-season “optional” programs and he has drawn a lot of press for his obvious absence.

The Vikings front office wouldn't say what prompted the starting cornerback's change of heart, deferring those questions to Winfield and his agent who continues to deny that Winfield’s absence is due to contract issues, instead stating it is due to the Vikings lack of team improvements during the off season.

Childress said the missed voluntary practices shouldn't be a problem for Winfield and that there are no hard feelings on either side. "I'm excited to have his leadership back here," Coach Childress said. "He's a talented veteran. We're all kind of mother hens as coaches," he said. "You'd like to have everybody around you all the time, but that's just not the NFL these days, particularly if someone has personal issues he's working through."

Vikings Vixen hopes we can put the Antoine Winfield controversy to rest and move on with the 2007 Minnesota Vikings Season. But before we move on, I just can’t resist this photo on the internet of Antoine and Brad from – scroll down to June 17th - it’s Hysterical!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Vikings Vixen Top 5 Minnesota Vikings 2007 Season Worries:

Quarterback: The Vikings resisted the temptation to draft or pick-up a new Quarterback and instead are putting all of their eggs in one basket, Tarvaris Jackson or maybe a basket in a half if you count Brooks Bollinger.

Receivers: The Vikings have no strong receivers. Rookie Sidney Rice could help, but he’s not enough to scare opposing offenses.

Brad Childress: Does the head coach really have what it takes to win over Minnesota fans and lead a team to a successful season? I believe if he doesn’t show us something in 2007, there will be no 2008 for Mr. Childress.

No Mike Tomlin: Tomlin's energy and charisma made him extremely popular with players (and fans) that now must make a transition to a new coordinator.

No Pass Rush: Kevin and Pat Williams will continue to give the Vikings one of the best defensive-tackle tandems in the league, but Minnesota's pass rush still leaves plenty to be desired. Unless right end Erasmus James makes a full recovery from a serious knee injury, the Vikings don't figure to be a whole lot better in their ability to apply consistent pressure on the quarterback.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Antoine Winfield Buzz

I am so tired of hearing about Antoine Winfield and his Vikings camp dramatics. Can the news not find anything else of interest to report to Minnesota Vikings fans? I was hoping that Winfields attendance record would not be the biggest story coming from the Vikings training field. Although attendance at the offseason team activities is voluntary, Winfield generated a lot of attention because he was the exception to the Vikings' unofficial rule. Speculation about why he wasn't at Winter Park was rampant, and Winfield declined to divulge his reason, but he did say it was not related to his contract. Coach Childress did say that Winfield was in excellent shape so at least we know he’s not sitting on the coach eating ice cream all day. I heard one of the Vikings players compare Antoine to Kansas City Chiefs superstar Priest Holmes (because Holmes prefers to work out on his own, too.) I am sorry but Antoine Winfield is no Priest Holmes and it irritates Vikings Vixen that he thinks he is above practicing and working out with his team. I think his absence sends the wrong message to the younger guys. The Minnesota Vikings need a team effort if they think they are going be above .500 this year and being a team happens all year round, not just on game day.