Thursday, January 25, 2007


Why start a Minnesota Vikings blog on the off-season? Because I was too busy watching football and riding the Vikings pathetic rollercoaster to blog during the regular season - that's why!!!

I am a true Vikings fan - I do bleed purple (even though my favorite color is PINK!) My father proudly wore his "My two favorite teams are the Minnesota Vikings and who ever is playing the Packers" shirt every game day and would occasionally switch it out for a Joey Browner jersey that said PETERSON on the back - man, those were the good 'ol days - watching football with dad...

Anyway, enough reminiscing - let's get back to this blog - My Minnesota Vikings Football blog will be my personal commentary on the status of the Minnesota Vikings at any given time. My name is Vikings Vixen - hear me roar!!!!!

Vixen from
vix·en Pronunciation[vik-suhn]
1. a female fox.
2. an ill-tempered or quarrelsome woman.